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Poorly maintained roofs are dangerously common among commercial properties.

A roof undergoes serious wear and tear throughout its lifetime, with harsh weather events and basic degradation gradually taking their toll. In a commercial environment, where the safety of individuals and business productivity is dependent on your reliable facilities, it’s crucial your roof is well-maintained.

Roof Maintenance You Need To Know

Following a routine roof maintenance plan will help you identify minor problems before they become major ones. By catching problems early, you can take low-cost, corrective action that increases the lifespan of your roof and helps you avoid the hefty costs of major commercial roof repairs and replacements.

Schedule regular roof inspections and maintenance

Your roof maintenance plan should include regular professional inspections and maintenance (at least twice a year) to extend the life of your roof and keep it in the best condition possible. Because extreme weather can and will do damage to your commercial roof, it’s best to schedule these inspections after the coldest and hottest times of the year.

Inspect your roof after major weather events

Strong winds can blow debris across your roof and dislodge roof flashings and cladding. Clogged drains and heavy rains can create pools of standing water while gutters/downpipes filled with leaves and debris become blocked causing overflow and flooding of building interiors. Hailstorms can crack or puncture roof materials (or even cause a partial roof collapse), while high temperatures can make your building’s structure expand, causing cracks to appear in your roof.

Make commercial roof repairs quickly

If you ignore that small hole in the roof, you may soon have to deal with some unwelcome occupants: insects, rodents, and birds will gladly set up house in the warmth and comfort of your building. Meanwhile, that tiny leak keeps getting bigger and bigger, becoming the perfect breeding ground for allergy-causing mould infestations. Mould can be extremely dangerous so if you suspect your roof or building is infected, we strongly recommend you have it inspected by a professional immediately.

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