About Perth Roofing Repairs

Our skills vary from commercial roofing cladding and maintenance, we compliment each other with our similar trade background, but experience in different sectors and operational areas of companies. We have a passion for providing a good service and pride ourselves in being a stand out roofing contractor going the extra mile to create a high quality, functional result.


- Director

– young family man, wife, 2 kids
– been in industry for over 10 years
– worked for perths largest maintenance roofing companies and commercial roofing and cladding companies supervising
– spent most of his years running maintenance projects
– well accustomed and knowledgeable around commercial roof maintenance and repairs
– highly skilled tradesman and keen eye for detail


- Director

– young family man, wife, 3 kids
– been in industry for over 10 yearts
– worked for perths biggest commercial roofing and cladding companies supervising and running ops
– spent most of his years running new commercial roofing and architectural cladding projects
– knowledgeable around all types of large scale new commercial roofing and architectural cladding

Despite being the first line of defense against wild weather, it’s easy for building owners to forget or put off roof repairs and maintenance in favor of more pressing issues.

Property managers and building owners who fail to regularly inspect and maintain their roofs are taking a huge risk.

  • Without regular maintenance or repairs, any minor leak could cause substantial property damage or lead to mould contamination, endangering the health and safety of the building’s occupants.
  • Without regular inspections and minor repair work, roof leaks, asbestos roofs, blocked gutters, brittle skylights, and brittle structures can go unnoticed until the unmaintained areas either rust away or become to far gone that a complete roof replacement becomes inevitable
  • Roof leaks can interrupt your operations if work areas need to be closed off or workers are forced to stop work due to roof leaks 
  • Without correct repair works and thorough reporting roof leaks can cause major damage to equipment inside the building, we have seen companies lose complete server rooms from roof leaks flooding in, no point spending too dollar on your equipment if it’s not adequately protected from the elements

By following just a few simple tips, you can prevent minor issues from becoming serious problems and protect your building and business year-round.

Prepare a roof maintenance plan: A good in-house roof maintenance plan is a vital part of the building’s care and upkeep. Every commercial property should have a clear roof maintenance plan that outlines:

  • How often you will inspect your roof.
  • Which parts of the roof you will inspect.
  • How often your roof and gutters should be cleaned from leaves and rubbish 
  • The process for inspecting your roof, including and safety requirements for undertaking work at heights.
  • A detailed breakdown or checklist of what you should be on the lookout for (such as corrosion, cracked sealants, loose sections, pooling water).
  • The plan of action if damage or weaknesses are found.
  • Duty holders (any person who has a work health and safety duty) should consider the implementation of a roof access system to facilitate the safe undertaking of inspection and maintenance works.

Make sure you also include essential information about the roof, including:

  • When the roof was installed.
  • Roofing types and materials.
  • Roof access system type and dates of certification – where applicable.
  • A log of roof repairs and updates.
  • Photos of any problem areas.

Invest in your roof now…..and make huge savings later

Your commercial roof is the first line of defense against the weather, and as a result, it’s the most vulnerable part of your building. Rapid deterioration and premature roof failure can put your building and its occupants at risk, leading to health and safety dangers, damaged assets, loss of revenue through business downtime, costly repairs, and lowered property value.

With regular inspections and a clear preventative roof maintenance plan, you can avoid unnecessary and costly commercial roof problems. Inspecting your roof after major weather events and having a professional contractor detect damage and make repairs quickly will help your roof stand the test of time. The better the maintenance, the longer your commercial roof will last and the happier your clients and customers will be.